About Us

Wadi Al-Manshiya Trading and Contracting EST. was founded in 1997 as general trading and contracting by Mr. Hamed Bin Al-Abdul Daim, The company widened the scope and range of its operation to include such divers in services like, billy pugh, equipment supply, maintenance, electrical supplies & automobile maintenance and many more services to our customer needs. Serving local builders, contractors, facility end users. we service customers near and far.
Our professional team offers fast and friendly services, in terms of equipment supply, maintenance, branding ideas with a quality products, value pricing, on time shipments, consolidation of products from multiple manufacturers on one concise invoice, while providing transparency in business.
WAM also stands alone in the industry when it comes to delivery. What’s more, with our B.I.T.G.I.W. (Buy It Today, Get It by Week) offering, you can place your order today and have it in your hands By Week. No other company can say the same. At WADI AL MANSHIYA, we stick with what has worked for us. High quality products produced with unrivaled environmentally sound practices, all delivered to you as soon as by week. After all, if we demand perfection from ourselves, why shouldn’t you?
Our commitment is to help our clients achieve their unique goals. We recognize the trust our clients place in us and we never lose sight of that. Our distinctive approach adheres to disciplined investing designed to weather shifting external factors. It is not our goal to react to short-term market or economic conditions but to help our clients maintain a sound perspective and stay focused on long-term objectives. We communicate clearly and openly with clients and believe you deserve prompt, knowledgeable answers to your
inquiries and concise straightforward reports on your investments.

Philosophy & Vision.

WAM aims to be the leader in the supply of quality engineered products and services by continually improving our relationships with customers and clients To be recognized our clients as the most reliable trading and contracting company by providing them the best quality products.
Services and products
  • Electrical supplies .
  • Industrial tools and equipment.
  • Hardware & Building Materials.
  • Automobile Maintenance.
  • General Contracting.
  • Consumable items.
Quality Control
The laboratory facility and services are obtained from local standard testing laboratories like abiand RGE by highly qualified technical personnel, who closely monitor the incoming materials, and also carry extensive tests on WAM products and raw materials to ensure its compliance with relevant specifications under our supervision. Samples are regularly tested by commercial laboratories for independent evaluation depending on our client requirement.
Quality Policy
Improve customer satisfaction by evaluating our performance against our customer needs. WAM is committed to the well being of its employees and preservation of nature by providing a safe and healthy environment in and out of it work place. Assure the quality of all equipments , materials , structures , components and system utilized in the construction, manufacturing and operation of industrial facilities. 
Health & Safety policy
WAM is committed to provide a safe and healthy environment for all the personnel.
All the safety measures under Saudi Arabia’s environment and safety policy are strictly implemented and followed.
As per ministry of labor regulations we are strictly following and promptly maintaining adequate percentage of Saudi national personnel always. Further being 100% Saudi owned company we are trying our maximum increase the personnel from time to time.
Our Strength and quality
  • Since its inception in this segment, the company has endeavored to provide best quality at competitive prices.
  • Our strong foundation of values, technological excellence, and exceptional quality has enabled us to expand and grown immensely.
  • State of the brand machines and quality material is preferred in the WAM process to execute excellence.
  • Positive attitude towards the quality and satisfaction of our customers ensure we stand ahead of our competitors in the market. 
If you would like to know more about us, send us an email at info@waldialmanshiya.com and we’ll answer your queries. Remember, we go the extra mile to bring innovative ideas that make your needs easy and helpful. Try us and experience the difference!